tangled Christmas candles

Tangled Inklings / Carol Graham
Tangled Christmas Candles
I made these candles for some special folks on my Christmas list this year.  I grabbed some nice scented candles at half-price from IKEA.  I drew the tangles on tissue paper, then used a heat-gun to 'melt' the tissue paper into the candle.  

I opened the candles very carefully, then re-wrapped them in the original cellophane so they would look like they came already tangled!  I was pleased with how they turned out.

I hope everyone enjoyed a warm and wonderful
holiday season!

article on z e n t a n g l e

inlander.comThere was a good article in the Living Section of  the Dec 1, 2013 issue of The Pacific Northwest Inlander, written by E. J. Iannelli, called The Art of Meditation - Zentangle offers relaxation and focus through pen and paper.

It features CZT Loretta West from Color Garden Studio in Spokane, Washington.  Click HERE to read the article.

Diva's weekly challenge #147

Okay, so I didn't EXACTLY do The Diva's Weekly Challenge this week . . . I never found the opportunity to sit down with an actual tile and make it happen.  I DID play with Laura Harm's new tangle, and I have bits of Boo*Kee along the edge of Tuesday's crossword puzzle, on the back of my meter-reading card, and in the little book I carry in my purse that catches my random thoughts and inspirations . . .
Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings / Diva #147
I didn't submit it to the linkey machine over at I am the Diva, because I don't think it's the right kind of image for the slide shows that Laura creates with our submissions.  There are some pretty amazing ones this week - be sure to check them out HERE.

Diva's weekly challenge #146

This week's challenge was a Duo-Tangle: Pea-nuckle & Well

Carol Graham, Diva Callenge #146, Tangled Inklings
Diva Challenge #146
I fooled around with variations of these in my 'play-book' for quite some time, and just wasn't feelin' it.  It was getting late, and I figured I'd better just grab a tile and get 'er done. 

Carol Graham, Diva Callenge #146, Tangled Inklings
Diva Challenge #146-modified

UPDATE: Okay, so it was after 2AM when I finished and posted the tile for this challenge.  I wasn't really happy with it at the time, and seeing it in the light of day didn't change my mind.  Never one to be able to leave well-enough alone (pun intended) - I fiddled with it some more.  

Diva's weekly challenge #145

This weeks challenge was to use the New Official Tangle: QUIB
Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings / Diva Challenge #145
Diva Challenge #145

It was a crazy week for me so I am very late getting this done, I probably won't make it into the round-up, but I really had a lot of fun with it.  Check out Zentangle's Newsletter for the step-outs and some beautiful examples.

wonderful week


This has been the most wonderful week!  

We went to Alberta to visit my daughter and her family, and I got to spend some quality one-on-one time with my beautiful little granddaughter.  She has seemingly boundless energy, and this grandma had a hard time keeping up!  But I loved every moment, and can't wait for next month when she'll come to my house for a visit.
Margaret, Laura and Me!

On our way home, I had the opportunity to stop in Saskatoon and visit with fellow Canadian CZTs, Margaret Bremner (Enthusiastic Artist) and Laura Harms (I am the Diva).  They graciously shared some of their zentangle-wisdom with me, and answered all my questions - some before I even asked. 
Thanks SO much, ladies!

Laura suggested we tangle while we visited. We each began a tile, then passed them around the table at each step, creating three awesome tiles.  What a cool exercise!  We all initialed the front and signed the back, then flipped them over and each got to choose one.  
I got the middle one!

http://enthusiasticartist.blogspot.ca/Both Margaret and Laura are busily tangling Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) for a big swap they are participating in.  Margaret brought out a pile of them, and told Laura and I we could each choose one.  When there are lots of choices, I find it SO hard to pick!  I started to ask them to choose for me, when my fingers touched on this gorgeous card, and I was hooked.  It's absolutely juicy - the photo doesn't do it justice . . . there's bling in the center of the flowers!!!

When I was catching up on emails and such back at our hotel later that evening - I saw that I had won the Sakura Give-Away from last week's Diva Challenge!!!  When I contacted Laura with my mailing address, we both had a chuckle, because I hadn't seen her blog before I met with her, and she didn't realize that THAT Carol was ME.

Yup - a wonderful week indeed!

Diva's weekly challenge #144

Diva Challenge #144 / Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings
Diva Challenge #144

"A Bug's Life"   This week's challenge was inspired by a stop motion video from CZT Samantha Taylor and Sakura called A  Bug's  Life  in  a  Zentangle  World.  

I am in Alberta visiting my daughter and her family this week.  I got my idea from a poster in the girl's bathroom, and tangled my bug's life cycle!

Diva's weekly challenge #143

"UMT v.XXII - Cruze"  This week's Use My Tangle challenge is "Cruze" by CZT Caren Mlot.  You can see the step outs for this tangle on her blog, Tangle Mania

Diva Challenge #143 / Carol Graham / Tankled Inklings
Diva's Challenge #143

I have followed Laura Harm's I Am The Diva blog for quite some time.  I usually try the challenges, but this is the first time I have posted one of my tiles.  Challenge #142 was to find your comfort zone, and move beyond it into the Danger Zone.  Well . . . I wimped out, and didn't even try it.  So I figured since posting a tile was WAY out of my comfort zone - this'll make up for missing last week.  And I'm gonna try to make it a habit.

calling all artists and creative souls!

Join our creative adventure

Would you like to spread your wings and be a part
of an art adventure with artists from all over the world? 
Canadian mixed media artist, Yanik Falardeau
is holding an art installation and exhibit in November,
and is looking for artists to collaborate.
It's as easy as creating a feather out of recycled materials.
Click the badge for details

Here is the tangled feather I sent in.
I used the template Yanik provides, and an empty cracker box.  I glued the 2 pieces together for stability, and applied a coat of gesso to both sides.  I painted a light water-colour wash, mixed with an iridescent mixing medium.  I added tangles with a Pigma Micron 01 & 05, and shaded with a Fabrico Cool Gray marker.

class photo - CZT12

Photo courtesy of Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts at Zentangle
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
This is our class photo from CZT XII, posted today over on the z e n t a n g l e ® blog.
There are lots more great pictures from our super seminar.  
I am near the back, pretty much in the middle . . . with my eyes closed!  
Typical ;o)


CZT XII / Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings

To the strains of Edward Elgar's Pomp & Circumstance,
over one hundred brand new, enthusiastic CZTs
including me
accepted their 'diplomas' from Maria & Rick

Nine different countries were represented,
3 are getting their very first Certified Zentangle Teacher!

Manitoba now has its first 2 CZTs,
myself in Winnipeg, and Jan Jenkins in Dauphin

breathings of your heart

Original artwork by Maria Thomas
I was one of several lucky CZTs-to-be, whose names were drawn at the CZT XII Seminar to receive one of Maria's stunning pieces of art.  

They were all SO beautiful, it was difficult to choose one.  I love butterflies, and I loved the quote by William Wordsworth .  . .
"Fill your paper
with the breathings
of your heart."

This photo doesn't do it justice - the detail is amazing.  I know exactly where I'll hang it, once I find the perfect frame. 

I will cherish it always.

Tanika's birthday parcel

I felt so very special when I received my CZT invitation in a fancy hand-lettered envelope from Maria & Rick.  I think eight-year-old little girls deserve to feel that same way on their birthdays.  I addressed my granddaughter, Tanika's birthday parcel with a little extra attention to detail.

today's mail

Calligraphy by Maria Thomas
I got home from work today, checked my mailbox, and found the most beautiful piece of mail I have ever received, from Maria & Rick at z e n t a n g l e ® .  It literally took my breath away, and I wish there'd been someone else here to share it with.  I almost didn't want to open it - but I was awfully curious to know what was inside.  I carefully sliced through the top edge of the envelope to find my invitation to the CZT Seminar Number 12, with one of Maria's amazing botanical paintings and graceful calligraphy quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"Every Artist was first an Amateur . . . all art requires courage."

Artwork by Maria Thomas

new tangle - "Crusade"

Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings

Tangle pattern "Crusade" by CZT Wayne Harlow.
This pattern took some concentration.  Different shading really changes up the look.
See the step-outs on Linda Farmer's TanglePatterns.com

wonderful surprise

The Book of Zentangle by Maria Thomas & Rick Roberts / z e n t a n g l e ®
My mailbox held the most wonderful surprise today!  It was my very own, personalized and autographed copy of Maria & Rick's beautiful book, The Book of z e n t a n g l e.  It is chock full of fantastic illustrations, excellent explanations and heart-warming stories.  This is more of a "coffee-table" book about the story behind z e n t a n g l e ®  than a step-by-step how-to book, and you can feel Maria & Rick's passion in each and every page.  I am SO very grateful to receive such a treasure.  It will have a very special place in my library.

This is the back of the dust jacket.
For more information about the book,
or the z e n t a n g l e  Method

click here

I can order copies if you'd like to own one

Post Card Swap

Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings
Dawn Diamantopoulos is a mixed media artist, who hosted a Post Card Swap on Google+.  It sounded like fun so I signed up.  There weren't a lot of rules, it just had to be an original piece, handmade by you, in your choice of medium.  I glued a page from an old book, with the chapter title "Something a Little Unusual", onto cardstock and covered it lightly with gesso.  Then added Tangles with a Pigma Micron 01 pen, and shaded with graphite pencil.  I found an old vintage postcard in with my Dad's stuff, and copied the lettering from the back side.  I finished my postcard and will pop it in the mail later today.  The artist I am to send this to lives in the US, so I need to pick up some International postage.  Thought I'd better post the photos before I put the artist's mailing information on it. I think I will send it in an envelope, just so it doesn't get mucked up.

Thanks Dawn, for doing this - I can't wait to see what sort of art I get!

I finally received my postcard in the mail.  The artist's name is Clinton Mason from Indiana.  There were no links to websites or blogs to see his work, and I didn't find him on Google+, but here is his piece:

Original art by Clinton Mason

 Dawn has posted all of the postcards in three posts over on her blog. Follow the links to check them out:

I'm a Winner!

I got the z e n t a n g l e ® blog today, and was tickled to see that my name had been drawn to receive one of Maria or Rick's tiles!  They often do random draws from the folks who leave comments on the blog, and this time - they picked me.  I had left this comment on the last blog entry:
"Maybe when we learn small things,
taught with great love
we can accomplish great things
Thanks Maria & Rick for your inspirational teaching!"

In response to Maria's post about this quote, from Mother Teresa

UPDATE - Here is the tile I received from Maria . . .
Original tile by Maria Thomas


over at BEEZ Ink Studio 
has created sets of  
that will be available in September!

She was able to score a few advance sets from her publisher, and is having a
every Friday until she runs out of packs for the chance to win a set!!

Here's my entry - a little bit Tangle, a little bit String...
Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings
Check out all the entries HERE

Happy Birthday Coral!

Today is my precious granddaughter, Coral's first birthday. To commemorate this amazing first year of her life, I created a Shutterfly book for her birthday.  It was really easy and a whole lot of fun, and I hope she will enjoy looking at the pictures for many years to come.  She is a bit of a ham in front of a camera!

Through Our Lens

Had such fun creating a Shutterfly book for my granddaughter's first birthday, that we decided to make one with some of our favorite photos from the last 15 years of Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer


Visiting Hamilton, Ontario for a few days, and stumbled upon some tangles while cutting through Jackson Square on our way to enjoy all-you-can-eat sushi and Dim Sum at August 8 for dinner . . .
Mc Hollibough . . . I'm Lovin' It
Beeline Bag

Willowing ATC Swap

The theme for the Artist Trading Card swap theme on Willowing & Friends for March 2013 was Zentangle.  I'd never participated in an ATC Swap before, but given the theme, I could hardly resist.  It was fun.  I was paired with a gal named Theresa from California.  Here are the ones I sent to her:
Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings
Zentangles:  Finery, Meer, Nzeppel, Shattuck, Zinger
Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings
Zentangles:  Bales, Chainging, Cubine, Etcher

UPDATE - Here are the ATCs I received from Theresa . . .

Coaster for Kim

Kim liked the coaster I sent for Tanika, so I made one for her too.
Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings

Tanika's Coaster

Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings
I tangled this 'coaster' for Tanika, and sealed it with 'Sparkle Mod Podge'.
Every little girl deserves some sparkle, right?. 

Zentangles: Ahhh, Btl Joos, Florz, Hollibaugh, Hybred, Nzeppel, Hollibaugh