Sunday, 1 December 2013

Diva's weekly challenge #146

This week's challenge was a Duo-Tangle: Pea-nuckle & Well

Carol Graham, Diva Callenge #146, Tangled Inklings
Diva Challenge #146
I fooled around with variations of these in my 'play-book' for quite some time, and just wasn't feelin' it.  It was getting late, and I figured I'd better just grab a tile and get 'er done. 

Carol Graham, Diva Callenge #146, Tangled Inklings
Diva Challenge #146-modified

UPDATE: Okay, so it was after 2AM when I finished and posted the tile for this challenge.  I wasn't really happy with it at the time, and seeing it in the light of day didn't change my mind.  Never one to be able to leave well-enough alone (pun intended) - I fiddled with it some more.  


  1. Gorgeous! I like your Well variations and the way you combine Pea-nuckle ans Well! "Well" done!

  2. Love the well variations and the pea-nucle provides nice contrast.

  3. Thanks Ladies! I wasn't crazy about it, and tried to "fix" it - but I'm not sure I didn't make it worse. Sure glad there are no mistakes in Zentangle!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne . . . both of these tangles were challenging for me.


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