Thursday, 26 December 2013

tangled Christmas candles

Tangled Inklings / Carol Graham
Tangled Christmas Candles
I made these candles for some special folks on my Christmas list this year.  I grabbed some nice scented candles at half-price from IKEA.  I drew the tangles on tissue paper, then used a heat-gun to 'melt' the tissue paper into the candle.  

I opened the candles very carefully, then re-wrapped them in the original cellophane so they would look like they came already tangled!  I was pleased with how they turned out.

I hope everyone enjoyed a warm and wonderful
holiday season!


  1. Fantastic idea, Carol! They look amazig!

    1. Thanks Yanik! They were fun to make, and those who are crafty-challenged were quite impressed ;o)

  2. I love these! You're an amazing artist!!


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