calling all artists and creative souls!

Join our creative adventure

Would you like to spread your wings and be a part
of an art adventure with artists from all over the world? 
Canadian mixed media artist, Yanik Falardeau
is holding an art installation and exhibit in November,
and is looking for artists to collaborate.
It's as easy as creating a feather out of recycled materials.
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Here is the tangled feather I sent in.
I used the template Yanik provides, and an empty cracker box.  I glued the 2 pieces together for stability, and applied a coat of gesso to both sides.  I painted a light water-colour wash, mixed with an iridescent mixing medium.  I added tangles with a Pigma Micron 01 & 05, and shaded with a Fabrico Cool Gray marker.

class photo - CZT12

Photo courtesy of Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts at Zentangle
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
This is our class photo from CZT XII, posted today over on the z e n t a n g l e ® blog.
There are lots more great pictures from our super seminar.  
I am near the back, pretty much in the middle . . . with my eyes closed!  
Typical ;o)


CZT XII / Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings

To the strains of Edward Elgar's Pomp & Circumstance,
over one hundred brand new, enthusiastic CZTs
including me
accepted their 'diplomas' from Maria & Rick

Nine different countries were represented,
3 are getting their very first Certified Zentangle Teacher!

Manitoba now has its first 2 CZTs,
myself in Winnipeg, and Jan Jenkins in Dauphin

breathings of your heart

Original artwork by Maria Thomas
I was one of several lucky CZTs-to-be, whose names were drawn at the CZT XII Seminar to receive one of Maria's stunning pieces of art.  

They were all SO beautiful, it was difficult to choose one.  I love butterflies, and I loved the quote by William Wordsworth .  . .
"Fill your paper
with the breathings
of your heart."

This photo doesn't do it justice - the detail is amazing.  I know exactly where I'll hang it, once I find the perfect frame. 

I will cherish it always.

Tanika's birthday parcel

I felt so very special when I received my CZT invitation in a fancy hand-lettered envelope from Maria & Rick.  I think eight-year-old little girls deserve to feel that same way on their birthdays.  I addressed my granddaughter, Tanika's birthday parcel with a little extra attention to detail.

today's mail

Calligraphy by Maria Thomas
I got home from work today, checked my mailbox, and found the most beautiful piece of mail I have ever received, from Maria & Rick at z e n t a n g l e ® .  It literally took my breath away, and I wish there'd been someone else here to share it with.  I almost didn't want to open it - but I was awfully curious to know what was inside.  I carefully sliced through the top edge of the envelope to find my invitation to the CZT Seminar Number 12, with one of Maria's amazing botanical paintings and graceful calligraphy quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"Every Artist was first an Amateur . . . all art requires courage."

Artwork by Maria Thomas