ZenDangle Class - 17 August 2016

I taught two classes at Scrapbookers Anonymous & More on Wednesday.  This was a Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) class based on the work of Joanne Fink.  Joanne is a calligrapher/designer who was inspired by the Zentangle Method to create her Zenspirations technique as her way of 'drawing music'.  You can learn more about her and her artwork HERE.

When I received the invitation to my CZT Seminar back in 2013, I remember how thrilled I was to get such a special piece of mail (see that blog post here).  I often like to dress up letters or parcels with special lettering or Zentangle Art, so that I might be able to pass on a little bit of that kind of joy.  So for this class, everyone got a blank card and an envelope to "dangle" on.

In the afternoon class, five lovely ladies worked on creating their dangled cards . . .
tangledinklings.ca, Carol Graham, Tangled Inklings, Zentangle
ZenDangling in progress - you could have heard a pin drop!

And the finished products were delightfully dangled!
tangledinklings.ca, Carol Graham, Tangled Inklings, Zentangle
Afternoon ZenDangle Class (mine's in there too)

Eight folks gathered for the evening class, and diligently dangled - many finishing their cards and envelopes with time to spare!  Dangles emerged that were unique and creative, and some even had a theme.  
tangledinklings.ca, Carol Graham, Tangled Inklings, Zentangle
No - that isn't a rubber stamp on the back of Rachel's card!
 Here's the results of all their hard work . . .
tangledinklings.ca, Carol Graham, Tangled Inklings, Zentangle
Evening ZenDangle Class
 As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent at Scrapbookers.  We scheduled another class for September 15th - a Thursday this time.

So Did You Miss Me?

Well Hello There!  Have you missed me? 

I knew I hadn't been doing the blog-thing very regularly, but Holy Hannah, I didn't realize it's been almost a year!  Where does the time go?  
Don't worry, that was a rhetorical question - I'm not going to start telling you everything I've been up to since my last post!

Lately though, I've been busy finalizing classes and organizing things for my Fall schedule.  One of the things I think I'd like to do better differently is to post photos here after each of my classes.  I know there are folks who don't do Facebook, and posting the pictures here, may be a better way to let everyone access them.

I had two classes today . . . but I can hardly go from not posting for 10 months to having 2 posts in one day, now can I?

I promise - I will post the photos tomorrow from the ZenDangle classes I did today.
See you in the morning!