Monday, 22 July 2013

Post Card Swap

Carol Graham / Tangled Inklings
Dawn Diamantopoulos is a mixed media artist, who hosted a Post Card Swap on Google+.  It sounded like fun so I signed up.  There weren't a lot of rules, it just had to be an original piece, handmade by you, in your choice of medium.  I glued a page from an old book, with the chapter title "Something a Little Unusual", onto cardstock and covered it lightly with gesso.  Then added Tangles with a Pigma Micron 01 pen, and shaded with graphite pencil.  I found an old vintage postcard in with my Dad's stuff, and copied the lettering from the back side.  I finished my postcard and will pop it in the mail later today.  The artist I am to send this to lives in the US, so I need to pick up some International postage.  Thought I'd better post the photos before I put the artist's mailing information on it. I think I will send it in an envelope, just so it doesn't get mucked up.

Thanks Dawn, for doing this - I can't wait to see what sort of art I get!

I finally received my postcard in the mail.  The artist's name is Clinton Mason from Indiana.  There were no links to websites or blogs to see his work, and I didn't find him on Google+, but here is his piece:

Original art by Clinton Mason

 Dawn has posted all of the postcards in three posts over on her blog. Follow the links to check them out:

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  1. You are welcome! And thank you for joining in! your postcard is wonderful. I know who is getting it, and I'm already taunting him with the fact that I've seen it!


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