Diva's weekly challenge #143

"UMT v.XXII - Cruze"  This week's Use My Tangle challenge is "Cruze" by CZT Caren Mlot.  You can see the step outs for this tangle on her blog, Tangle Mania

Diva Challenge #143 / Carol Graham / Tankled Inklings
Diva's Challenge #143

I have followed Laura Harm's I Am The Diva blog for quite some time.  I usually try the challenges, but this is the first time I have posted one of my tiles.  Challenge #142 was to find your comfort zone, and move beyond it into the Danger Zone.  Well . . . I wimped out, and didn't even try it.  So I figured since posting a tile was WAY out of my comfort zone - this'll make up for missing last week.  And I'm gonna try to make it a habit.