Hamilton Trip

We are on our way home from a road-trip to Hamilton, Ontario, where my partner went to an annual conference he likes to attend.  Even though the drive today around the lake was harrowing in spots, this has been a great trip.

We left Winnipeg a day later than usual, which allowed us to stop at The Dragonfly Ristorante in Massey, Ontario.  We usually travel through this little town on a Monday, when The Dragonfly is closed, so this is the first time we have eaten there.  The staff was friendly, the food delicious, the men's room quite interesting (!), and the whole place covered in dragonflies of all shapes and sizes.  I decided to tangle one and add to the mix...a Random Act of Zentangle.
On Wednesday, I got the chance to visit with some classmates from the Certified Zentangle Teacher Seminar XII, and to meet some fellow CZTs in and around Toronto.  I had a wonderful lunch with classmates Cheryl Hooper and Sue Sharp at a yummy little restaurant called Spark! Fresh Bar on Ossington, near Bloor.  The Crunch Salad was SO good. Thanks Cheryl, for introducing us to this gem.

Sue and I carried on to meet Cherryl Moote at her beautiful home/studio. We did not leave empty-handed...both of us bought a couple of Cherryl's books, and she shared some cool two-sided paper with us, that she'd found while in the US.  Thank you Cherryl, for your generosity and Sue, for being my co-pilot!

I can't believe I didn't take a single picture with any of these gals, even though I had my camera, my iPhone AND my iPad with me. Arrrgh!

The next day, I drove up to Elora, Ontario to meet Brenda Shaver Shahin at her adorable little store, the Half Moon Boutique.  Patricia Townsend (another classmate from CZT12) joined us, and together we did some collaborative tangling.  This time, I remembered to take a photo!
I didn't leave empty-handed from here either...not only do I have a great tile to remember my visit, I scored a great new purse too!